The Journey Begins

November 8th 2016

So I have decided to start a blog this is going to chronicle my journeys of moving out of the Midwest to Los Angeles. I feel this will be a good way for me to keep track of all of the things that I would like to achieve by having them put into a public forum at which I can reference and track progress, and also lets my mom know I didn’t die… yet..

A  little about myself I am, as the title says, an ambitious idiot. More or less I’m stubborn (thanks Dad!) and dumb enough to try. My first week of leaving home has been pretty relaxed, I left Indiana with my check engine light on because I said I was leaving the 1st and leaving the 1st I shall! I’m also the football coach of car repair, WALK IT OFF! I went from Indianapolis to Monmouth to get a quick lunch with my parents, after that down to Kansas City where I met a friend of mine who I met online playing video games. Which that always seems to get a weird bad rap, but he only murdered me a little bit, my liver more specifically. We got real drunk it was a good time, I did a couple open mics, and I got to check out the Kansas City Scene. It seemed similar to Indianapolis which had about one mic a night. While I was there I saw two good mics and one mic where the guy running it didn’t even care. He actually left and as he walked out told another comics he was hosting.

I got to eat at a genuine BBQ joint, even had burned ends. One of the coolest thing was that I got to fly in a plane to dinner. WHAAAA am I upper middle class?! My friend flying let me (told me) to take the controls or we’re all gonna die. Most of the trip was just drinking and catching up. But I did fly a plane. What the huh? I’m not a pilot, I can barely drive.

After spending more days than intended there I had it on down south to Texas where I got to catch up with my older brother and a couple of other old friends visiting him at the same time so it was a cool little reunion. I got to do an open mic in Austin, good scene, it seems real strong with lots of mics available each week. One thing I really enjoyed it there website it was very clear and concise. At the show I did was packed, everyone got 3 minutes. I didn’t feel good about my set, for some reason I was nervous and I bounced around a lot and I let them get to me just something I need to work on.

The next day I set off again for a nice 15-hour drive to Phoenix Arizona that catch up with my childhood best friend and his little brother so it’ll be a nice little family reunion,  a nice little treat before I get off to the crushing loneliness the Los Angeles’ glad-handing business.

The hardest part right now is leaving a very comfortable spot where I had a good deal friends, I had company, (if you know what I mean) I had a job that paid decent. It was waiting but you know it’s whatever but I think a handful of those things actually kept me from working hard and pushing, so I’m excited to kind of drop everything and force myself to focus on a new beginning and just more work. I want to dabble in a lot of things when I get out there. I’m currently working on the pilot with a friend from Indianapolis, I have my own pilot I’ve written, I am writing trying to figure out how to write an hour while I’m out there. I’d love to be on Conan, submit a late night packet, get a job writing, tour the country. See you next week.


The Ambitious Idiot.


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