One Week In


Welcome back, its been a good week. I arrived from Phoenix and was immediately greeted by a good friend with good news. I have a pace to live! (Now time to find a pesky job)

Once I met up with my friend we headed to an open mic, where my luck with lottery mics begins. As to say I don’t have any. The room was a small theater space in the back of a lobby/art gallery, a dozen comics waited in the back for their turn. Which is always good to have a feel of home, comics in the back, no audience up front.

I won’t bore you with a daily account of every open mic, but I will say that at the Improv Dana Gould dropped by and so far its been the highlight of my trip. He was so effortless, and smooth on stage, inspiring to watch. Then to get to perform after him… amazing. Or it would have been if they drew my name, but watching a whole array of what LA has to offer was nice. I’m still one of those dummies who enjoys watching people try comedy, and I really like it when people succeed at it.

This is the normal fair for my life currently, wake up, write, go to an open mic, run to another open mic (not get up) repeat. Most shows have been in bars but I have performed at Flappers, hell I even auditioned. Yes, I did go great, so now I’m just waiting on that email that will never come. Its a sprint not a marathon right?!!

But the house I live in is pretty cool, chaotic, and full of dudes. (Seriously I’d say there are 10 people living here, but every time I count there’s one more, so I’ve stopped counting for fear of having to share a bed) Everyone here is either a comic, actor, or musician so the atmosphere is really supportive and “chill”. MIDWEST I HAVE FORSAKEN YOU!

I have a job lined up where I’ll be serving breakfast! What big change from my last job… where I was serving breakfast. Its right on the Sunset Strip which is cool, although to get hired I have to memorize the menu before I even get trained. So that’s added onto my daily regiment, because I need this job. LA is expensive when you forget to move your car and you get a ticket for street cleaning.

Well that’s my update this week, back to reading about pancakes and hamburgers. (I almost wrote “handburgers”… I need coffee…)


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